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The creature is 276 combat level which is one of OSRS gold for sale the highest in the entire game. Similar to all dragons, he uses fire breath and therefore, it's essential to take Anti-Dragon Shield or Antifire potions for the fight. The most intriguing drops there are Draconic Pickaxe along with Draconic Visage that can be bought at a price of more than 5 mil on Grand Exchange.

MINIGAMES WALKTHROUGH. If you wish to take part in a minigame, you need go to the location and generally talk to an NPC or activate an item that is associated with it. There's also Group Finder implemented in the game, which is accessible within the quest interface. When you select a minigame that you want to play from the dropdown menu , you are able to access minigame chats where other players are searching for players to join the party. If you are able to locate the person you are looking for, you can also make use of this tool to teleport yourself to the minigame's the location.

Perhaps one of the most well-known minigames in the RuneScape. Have you ever seen players sporting the capes that animated, and appeared to be like lava falling off their shoulders and onto the ground? That's what is known as the Fire Cape which is awarded for those who be able to survive the mini-game.

Rules are quite simple. You enter a cave that is located within Mor Ul Rek which is often referred to by the name of TzHaar City and all you have to do is overcome ever harder waves of enemies. It may seem simple initially, but what you must know is there's the 63 waves of monsters, and in the final battle you must take on level 702 TzTok-Jad.

TzHaar Fight Pit (Safe). It is an actual PvP King of the Hill. All players are thrown into one arena, where they battle each other for Tokkul reward as well as the title that comes with being a Fight Pit champion (required for the hard Karamja journal). While this mini-game is PvP focused, it is entirely safe. Players who lose their lives in the Pit won't lose their equipment and won't be penalized in any way.

Bounty Hunter (Risky). If you've ever been to Wilderness buy runescape 3 gold you've probably noticed that when you cross the border, you get a target to take down. This is precisely the way Bounty Hunter operates. Every player in the Wilderness is assigned a goal that they must remove. If you can complete the task successfully, you will be awarded with medals that can be expensive. In addition, you will receive a reward that your opponent drops. Be aware that this is a very risky mini-game and you could lose everything you've got.

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