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Elder Scrolls Online has launched many extensions so far. Some extensions are well received, and players can explore some new storylines and some new quest lines. After completing the task, you can also get ESO Gold and other rewards. Here are the Elder Scrolls Online extensions and DLC that are worth playing.

Morrowind. As the opposite of Summerset's location, Morrowind is a dark, unfamiliar place and Dunmer's home. The difference between these two locations is like day and night, and they are also at the opposite ends of the map. There are a lot of tasks in Morrowind, and some will even continue in other DLCs. They all woven an exciting story, starting from here, continuing in Clockwork City, and then to Summerset. In the process of exploring the storyline, players can get a lot of rewards such as ESO Gold. But if it is not enough, players can buy ESO Gold on websites such as IGGM.

Thieves Guild. This expansion is actually equivalent to the expansion of the Dark Brotherhood, which may be a bit short, but has a useful skill line. Nevertheless, it still has some repeatable tasks and many valuable items to collect, and players can also Buy ESO Gold. In addition, since everyone likes to be invisible, Thieves Guild is a natural choice.

Honorable Mentions: Dark Brotherhood, Murkmire. Like the Thieves Guild, the Dark Brotherhood is part of 4 DLC packs, which makes it cheaper than buying all four content separately. It’s also worth mentioning interesting tasks and skill lines that are useful for any type of content. And after the players complete the task, they can also get rewards such as ESO Gold. As for Murkmire, it is interesting because it is not about Daedra trying to take over Tamriel. Although a bit short, the content is very interesting and intriguing, and it provides a lot of knowledge about Argonians.

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