by on December 25, 2021

People looking forward to playing Lost Ark can use this detailed Paladin Class guide to take advantage of Paladin's support and tanking capabilities in PvE and PvP content. The Paladin Class of Lost Ark is one of the two supporting characters in the game, and only the Bard can be matched. It is one of the most reliable courses that all players choose and play when they play Lost Ark for the first time. If they can own Lost Ark Gold at, they are bound to rise faster in the initial stage.

The Paladin is designed as a tank support class that can provide team advantages in PvP and PvE. There are two styles of abilities: yellow (primitive light skills) and blue (fencing skills). These are divided into support and attack damage skills. Yellow is support and blue is damage. However, the players themselves will not suffer too much damage. Although they can pick up some AD to upgrade, but their role is only support, they will not find a position as a DPS Paladin in the late game content.

These abilities are designed to fill the player’s identity column, and are basically everyone’s ultimate skills. Paladins are called Scales of Fate, and there are also two options that can be used, namely blue and yellow. As we just mentioned, players will use yellow most frequently, which increases the damage of nearby allies, not themselves. They can have a stronger support kit that is thicker than the Bard, protect team members and manipulate different aura abilities, and are easier to upgrade. However, although players can find the DPS version, it will still be weaker than the focused DPS class, and its healing power will be less than that of the Bard.

In summary, combined with people's previous experience of playing MMOARPG games, no class is completely perfect. The important thing is how players should reduce these weaknesses as much as possible in order to release their superior abilities to a greater extent. If every player does that and buys enough Lost Ark Gold from IGGM, then their development in Lost Ark will definitely be better than most people.

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