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There are often friends and others to apply for a loan together, others have a high loan amount, an application will be passed, while their own loan amount is low is always rejected. In fact, in addition to their own qualifications are different, 免tu網上貸款過數there may be no good loan skills. If you want a smooth loan, you can't miss these five tips, and if you learn to use them, you will increase the success rate of your loan by a lot.


Be prepared before the loan

If you want a successful loan, you need to have a general understanding of your own conditions. The specific can start from their age, income, work, education, assets and other aspects, and then against the conditions of the lending institutions, choose and their own qualifications to match the institutions and products, and strive to be approved for a one-time loan.

1. Before taking out a loan, you must first carefully understand the borrowing requirements and prepare the appropriate information according to the borrowing requirements to achieve the target. Different banks or lending institutions have different requirements for borrowers, so if you are not sure, you can directly consult the customer service staff of the relevant bank or institution to understand clearly and then prepare carefully. In this way, the chances of passing the test will also be higher.


The use of the loan should be reasonable

Personal loans can only be used for legitimate personal or family consumption and business turnover, but not for stocks, bonds, real estate and other investment projects that are explicitly prohibited.

If the purpose of the loan is not reasonable, the institution will not approve the loan, so we must say clearly what the loan is used for, such as buying a car, or business, and after the loan to keep the consumption vouchers.


Provide information must be true

If you provide false information, once found, you are likely to be refused a loan and may be blacklisted. Also, almost all credit products now require a cell phone number for registration, so when borrowing money, make sure that the cell phone number you use is your real name.


Choose the right loan term

There are long-term, medium-term, and short-term loan terms, and there are different loan terms, high and low borrowing thresholds, and fast and slow lending times. It is best to choose the right loan term based on the urgency of the funds and your ability to repay the loan.


Maintain good personal credit

As we all know, personal credit plays a very important role when applying for a loan, and banks or lending institutions value a borrower's credit history. If a borrower has a good credit record, it means that he or she is willing to repay the loan and has a low chance of defaulting on the loan, and the ability to repay the loan is also guaranteed, so the bank or lending institution has a lower risk of lending and is naturally more willing to lend.

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