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What is the reason for the weakened immunity?

Immune cells are the free doctor of the human body and also the line of defense of our human body. Help us resist the invasion of foreign viruses and bacteria, help us stay healthy and stay away from certain diseases. Therefore, people with a higher immune system tend to be healthier and less ill, while people with a weakened immune system are more susceptible to virus and bacterial infections.

In contrast, the elderly and stunted children have poor immunity. For the elderly, all aspects of the body's functions are declining, the organs are gradually degrading, and the immunity will also decline. In the same way, children at different developmental stages have immature organ functions and relatively low immune functions.

However, if you often sit for a long time and stay in a negative or stressful environment for a long time, even adults will have weakened immunity and are susceptible to sub-health problems and diseases.

What are the main factors of reduced immunity enterprise digitalization?

The level of immunity is closely related to our family genetics. Some people are born with good immunity and are not susceptible to disease. If the parents are in good health, or are engaged in sports and other related industries, the children are often in good health and not easy to get sick. Age is also a big factor.

Elderly people usually have poor physical fitness and are more prone to various diseases. As its physiological function continues to decline, its immune function is prone to decline.

The elderly and children should improve their immunity, pay attention to keeping warm, eating and hygiene, prevent oral diseases, and prevent the invasion of viruses and bacteria. Long-term unhealthy eating habits can also lead to a decline in immunity. If you eat an unhealthy diet, you always like to eat foods that are high in calories and strong in taste, which can easily lead to diseases.

In addition, irregular diet, frequent overeating or chronic malnutrition can also cause a significant decline in the body’s immunity and make it more likely to get sick.

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