Platina Watch
by on August 27, 2022

Throughout the production process, the collection is conceived, quality-controlled, and constructed in Switzerland to the highest standards. The Swiss automatic watches Made mark is legally protected and acts as a quality seal. We use Sellita and STP automatic Swiss movements, which have been carefully chosen to complement the aesthetics of each individual Original watches  model. Because of the quality of the handcrafted mechanisms and materials used in Swiss watches, they may be worn for many lives. Together with the founder, technical developers, design partners, and artists, we design everything in-house. The series is well crafted with precise forms. Everything about the watch, including the casing, buckle, crown, and tiniest component. The devil is in the details.

 All watch parts must pass very rigorous entrance inspections that take into account their technical, dimensional, and aesthetic qualities. A pressure test for water resistance, hand levelness, form, colour, and dimensions are just a few of the hundreds of manual inspections that go into creating the finished Swiss product. a never-before-seen brand-new signature for Platina Watch & Co. It draws your attention from a great distance and piques your curiosity. It's a buckle mechanism we developed ourselves. This lock-system will apply pressure directly to the bracelet, allowing you to precisely alter the size to fit your wrist. How fulfilling? Very. The Unbroko Collection has Platina's distinctive case.

 A rugged, manly, and self-assured design with an elegant shape. The contrasts between the polished and brushed finishes are striking. Every curve and contour rises and transforms into a striking light catcher. The most expensive metal due of its strength and rarity. A single ounce of platinum can only be produced once every six months and requires the processing of eight to ten tonnes of ore, making it thirty times more rare than pure gold. Platinum has a strong durability that goes above and beyond. We use huge 950 Platinum that was produced using approved metal recycling process. We place a great importance on integrating quality and sustainability, together with our partners in Germany and Switzerland. Visit us online at

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