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Are you suffocating in assignments and desperately in need of a lifesaver that could assist you to write in the stormy seas of academic paper? The answer to prayer could be AI essay writers. The sophisticated tools have been created for the purpose of ensuring that you overcome your academic challenges by assisting you in the writing of an essay. This will be a review where I will present you with the best AI essay writers in the current time and their specific features.

Top AI Essay Writers:

  3. Ai Essay Writer 
  5. essaybot by MyPerfectWords

home-page is a remarkable ai essay writer tool designed to alleviate the burdens of academic assignments that students often face. With a modest monthly price of $5.99, it offers a comprehensive set of features that can significantly simplify your academic journey:

  1. Up to 1500 words per essay: Say goodbye to concerns about strict word limits, as allows you to craft essays of up to 1500 words.

  2. Unlimited essays: Write as many essays as you require without any restrictions, ensuring you have the flexibility to handle multiple assignments.

  3. AI Essay Writer: Harness the power of artificial intelligence to receive valuable assistance in the composition of your essays.

  4. AI Essay Outliner: Create well-structured essay outlines effortlessly, ensuring your thoughts flow seamlessly.

  5. Paraphrasing Tool: Safeguard your work against plagiarism by easily rephrasing content while maintaining its original meaning.

  6. Citation Generator: Ensure that your essays adhere to proper citation formats, enhancing the overall quality of your work.

  7. Grammar Checker: Eliminate those troublesome grammar errors that can impact the clarity and coherence of your writing.

  8. Content Humanizer: Elevate the engagement and natural flow of your essays, making them more appealing to your readers.

If you're in search of a well-rounded AI essay writer that can support you throughout your academic journey, emerges as a strong contender.

Pricing: offers all these features at an affordable rate of just $5.99 per month, making it an excellent choice for students seeking reliable and cost-effective academic support.

Pewse stands as a formidable essay writer tool, providing invaluable support to students navigating the challenges of their academic assignments. Packed with a range of features that enhance the essay-writing experience, it's a dependable resource for students:

  1. Up to 1500 words per essay: Put your concerns about word count to rest, as allows you to compose essays of up to 1500 words, giving you ample space to express your ideas.

  2. Advanced essay options: Access a diverse collection of templates to diversify your essay styles and enhance your writing.

  3. Unlimited essays: With, you have the freedom to create as many essays as your academic journey demands, providing the flexibility needed for tackling numerous assignments.

  4. Diverse Essay Writing Templates: Embrace your creativity with a variety of templates that can lend a unique touch to your essays, making them stand out. is more than just an AI tool; it's a reliable companion on your academic path, ensuring that you have the necessary resources at your disposal to excel in your assignments.

Pricing: The cost of this exceptional tool is incredibly reasonable, with access to available for the same competitive price of just $5.99 per month, making it an attractive choice for students who value quality and affordability in their academic endeavors.

CollegeEssay-AI Essay Writer


CollegeEssayAI stands out as the most advanced essay generator in our lineup, boasting a range of unique features designed to simplify your academic life:

  1. Up to 2000 words: You can craft longer essays without any constraints on word limits, allowing you to explore your topics more extensively.

  2. AI Auto Complete: CollegeEssayAI offers intelligent sentence completion suggestions, making your writing process smoother and more efficient.

  3. Advanced Features: It provides access to an extensive search database, enabling you to find relevant information quickly, thus enhancing the depth and quality of your essays.

  4. Auto-Writing Suggestions: This feature assists in the creation of more coherent and well-structured essays by suggesting various ways to complete your sentences.

  5. Advanced Plagiarism Checker: CollegeEssayAI's plagiarism checker goes the extra mile by not only identifying potential issues but also rephrasing content to ensure its uniqueness.

  6. Free Essays: The tool allows you to access a collection of free essay downloads, saving you time and effort in your research.

  7. Grammar Checker: Enhance your writing skills with the built-in grammar checker, which identifies and corrects errors, ensuring your essays are free of language-related issues.

With an attractive monthly price of just $4.99, CollegeEssayAI becomes an indispensable companion for students who are looking to excel in their academic endeavors.

Pricing: CollegeEssayAI's comprehensive set of features is available at an affordable rate of $4.99 per month, making it a cost-effective choice for students seeking advanced AI support for their academic writing.


If you're in search of a budget-friendly AI essay writing tool, is a robust choice that won't cost you a dime. This free essay writer solution comes packed with features to support your writing needs:

  1. AI Essay Writer: serves as a dependable and free AI writing tool that caters to both students and writers, making it your go-to resource for essay composition.

  2. AI Essay Outliner: Easily generate structured outlines for your essays, helping you organize your thoughts and ideas effectively.

  3. Content Summarizer: Tackle lengthy content with ease by utilizing the content summarizer, which condenses extensive information while preserving its core meaning.

  4. Citation Machine: Ensure that your essays adhere to proper citation formats, enhancing the overall quality and credibility of your work.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of is its pricing - it's absolutely free! This makes it an ideal option for students and writers who are conscious of their budget but still need reliable AI assistance.

Pricing: comes with a price tag of $0, making it a fantastic choice for individuals seeking a no-cost solution to their writing challenges.

Essaybot by


EssayBot, powered by, emerges as an indispensable essay typer for students who demand not only error-free content but also the assurance of originality. Here are the standout features that make EssayBot a top choice:

  1. Smart Topic Recognition: EssayBot instantly grasps the essence of your prompts, ensuring that the generated content aligns perfectly with your requirements.

  2. Grammar Perfection: Say goodbye to typos and errors as EssayBot meticulously polishes your writing, guaranteeing a refined final product.

  3. Plagiarism-Free Writing: Uniqueness is paramount, and EssayBot guarantees that your content is free from plagiarism, giving you the peace of mind you need.

  4. Research Assistance: EssayBot doesn't just stop at writing; it pulls in relevant data and references, adding depth and credibility to your essays.

  5. Contextual Understanding: The tool excels in creating essays with depth and coherence, ensuring that your content is not only error-free but also intellectually robust.

  6. Diverse Format Support: Whether your essay needs to adhere to APA, MLA, or Chicago style, EssayBot ensures that your content is correctly formatted according to the required style guidelines.

Pricing: The best part is that EssayBot is available for free! This generous pricing model makes it an ideal solution for students who need high-quality content without breaking the bank.

In summary, EssayBot stands as a top choice for students seeking high-quality, error-free essays that adhere to the strict standards of originality. With its advanced features and a price tag of "free," it's a tool that should be in every student's writing arsenal.

essay is yet another remarkable ai essay writing tool that deserves your attention. This platform offers a range of compelling features designed to elevate your academic writing experience:

  1. High Quality: is dedicated to producing high-quality content. It excels in generating well-structured and coherent essays that align with rigorous academic standards, ensuring your work is academically sound.

  2. Rapid Turnaround: One of the standout features is its ability to swiftly generate essays in a matter of seconds. This feature can be a real lifesaver when facing tight deadlines.

  3. Personalized AI Essays: goes the extra mile in customizing essays to your specific requirements. It takes into account your unique needs, ensuring that the essays generated are tailored to your preferences.

  4. All-Around Support: This AI essay writer can handle a diverse array of subjects and academic levels. Whether you're a student or a scholar, is there to assist you with your writing needs.

Pricing: The most exciting part is that is available completely free of charge. It serves as a valuable resource for students seeking essay assistance without the burden of subscription fees.

If you're seeking a fast and high-quality essay solution that can be tailored to your unique requirements, is an excellent option. The combination of its remarkable features and cost-free accessibility makes it a standout choice for students seeking reliable AI-powered support in their academic writing endeavors.

Finally, the student having a pile of assignments could find the AI writer as their godsend. The above mentioned AI–based tools are made to lighten up your academic trip. As far as essay writing, citations, grammar, and content creation are concerned, the points indicated above will definitely be of great help to you. Research their functionalities and cost so that you can settle on one best for your academic purposes. Bid farewell to worry and welcome study triumphs through the most excellent AI essayists on hand!

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