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by on January 3, 2022

The Flow blockchain network has become the leading choice for sports-based collectibles. This is because of the sensational success of NBA Top Shot. Fans can buy packs, receive moments, and also follow their favourite teams and players. Are you that entrepreneur interested in the phenomenon of Web 3.0? Develop an NBA Top Shot clone. 

The significant features of an NBA Top Shot clone are

  • Search panel - Followers of basketball can easily buy lucrative NFTs by tapping the filter and search dashboard. They can search for players, teams, and sets on an NBA Top Shot clone script. 
  • Challenges section - Sports collectors can showcase their moments by pressing the Challenges section. They can share it on instant messaging apps and social media platforms. Thus, this increases their chance to win extra packs, moments, and prizes. Generally, this varies based on the events and stats of players in the competitions and games. 
  • Social media login option - Fans can instantly sign in on an NBA Top Shot like trading platform. They can sync their email addresses and accounts of instant messaging apps for buying collectibles. 
  •  Help Centre - Sometimes, sports fans may face issues while placing bids and processing payments. They can contact the help desk for assistance. Users of the NBA Top Shot like marketplace will get prompt support for problems like creation of accounts, identity verification, deposits and withdrawals of cryptocurrencies, linking of debit and credit cards, and receiving rewards from contests and challenges. 
  • Find a Collector option - Sports fans can easily discover fellow enthusiasts of basketball. They can click the Find a Collector option and enter names of users. Further, results about the collectors and their social media accounts are displayed. Buyers will also know their score, the number of moments collected, sets in progress, showcases created, and challenges completed successfully. 

Wrapping Up

Are you that innovative entrepreneur aiming to overtake your rivals in the sports industry? Begin NBA Top Shot like NFT marketplace development by contacting a white-label solution provider.

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