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by on January 4, 2022

A parallel financial system is emerging now. It is proving to be an effective alternative to assets controlled by governments across the world. Ethereum is at the forefront of this revolution. The acclaimed blockchain network is the top choice for creating Decentralized Applications (DApps), Crypto tokens, smart contracts, and NFTs. Are you an aspiring entrepreneur aiming to launch a venture powered by Web 3.0? Begin ETH token creation now. 

How a crypto development company will help to create your own Ethereum token?

ERC-20 - Blockchain geeks will create fungible tokens. These virtual assets are interchangeable. Moreover, a crypto token creation enterprise will create Application Programming Interfaces for all the ERC-20 tokens. Thus, investors can perform different functions based on the terms and conditions (T&C) locked in the pre-programmed software. 

Thus, they can transfer their tokens from one account to another, know their existing balance, and also pay gas fees in ERC-20 tokens. 

ERC-777 token development - When you decide to create your own Ethereum token, it is apt to develop a state-of-the-art one. Importantly, ERC-777 tokens are a notch above the ERC-20 tokens. Investors get several benefits like quick transfer of numerous tokens to smart contracts in a single transaction and protection against accidental transfers to non-ERC-777 smart contracts.  

Non-Fungible Token (NFT) Development - It is a multi-token standard that offers the advantages of ERC-20 and ERC-721. Thus, a deployed smart contract includes a combination of fungible, non-fungible, and semi-fungible tokens. 

Moreover, institutional and retail traders will get advantages like the transfer of numerous assets in a single call, instant approval of tokens to a single wallet address, setting rules for secure transfer, and knowing the balance of numerous assets in a single call. 

Wrapping Up

Do you want to be a revolutionary cryptopreneur? Reveal your business requirements to trained Ethereum token developers and create virtual tokens soon. 


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