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Clean up psychological trash through chat.

When work pressure is high, it is often the result of being troubled by too many complicated things. So chatting is a good way to get rid of some psychological rubbish, it is to organize your own thoughts consciously. Find time to chat face-to-face with colleagues, exchange life anecdotes or health care experiences. In this sense, women are better than men because of natural love. This is similar to psychological catharsis therapy.

Establish intimacy in life.

Freud, the master Freud once said: Only by loving work can we truly achieve a balance in life. Each of us is a social animal and we need to share with others. This is a very useful stress buffer. If you lack this kind of relationship, you are more likely to show anxiety. This anxiety will also be transferred to your work, making your work a scapegoat for your stress. Even if you are very busy at work, don't neglect to contact relatives and friends. There are two or three friends who can talk about things, whether it is happiness or pain, they need someone to share.

Treat insomnia correctly.

One of the culprits of high work pressure is the quality of sleep. Poor sleep quality can cause stress to form a vicious circle, and even affect people's health. I often hear many people say that the sleep time is not short, but they always feel that they are still not energetic after waking up, or feel that they are old and not awake. In fact, it is caused by poor sleep quality. Try to form a regular lifestyle! If you really can’t sleep, give you some sleep aids.

Keep a positive attitude.

People who are sunny in their hearts will have a lot less stress. Learn to look at gains and losses rationally, and learn to encourage yourself. Everyone will have their own strengths than others. Don't simply compare with others. Always maintain a positive attitude.

Insist on physical exercise.

Exercise is a good way to reduce stress, and Chinese office workers often ignore this, and it is difficult to exercise regularly. I often complain that I don’t have time, but I don’t know that exercise can be everywhere. At work, work for an hour or so, stretch your waist in the corridor or doorway, or do some simple squatting exercises in your seat, or in your own seat Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Play games to relieve stress.

This game can also be a good way to reduce stress. Whether it's a smart game or an online game, as long as you master a degree, you can achieve a good decompression effect.

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