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If you decide to participate in the NBA 2K22 MT, the character cannot be admitted to the university again , and then participate in the G-League and if you opt to join the G-League it is possible to continue to play in the NBA after you have completed a season, but you are not able to take part in this league in college. If you choose a university where you are able to play all three possibilities.

So, if you want to earn the most experience or are looking to test the character's strengths at hand, it is recommended to select the college league in the beginning stages, then G-League, and finally join the NBA. Furthermore, if you have a chance to win the NCAA championship it will also mean that the person who won the championship also earn an extra badge, but also a.

This will also guarantee that the character is eligible for the initial round of the NBA draft, which implies that the player will join a more powerful team and will be paid a higher salary per match (VC Coin), and there is the possibility of getting to the playoffs and achieving the title.

If they are successful in dominating in the school or G-League they will increase their abilities. You can increase your enthusiasm "My Your Brand" to draw sponsors. In addition to the capability parameters The character may have more "My Brand" value ? such as "fashion" or "music".

If the ball game is completed or the NBA MT Coins task is completed and the score is achieved, the player gains a certain amount of experience and will increase the level. These "personal interest"-style abilities are mainly employed to get sponsors. Once the value is at an appropriate level it is possible for the character to sign with the sponsor, collect additional appearance fees and also increase the VC Coin that can be earned.


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