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1. Say what you mean.

We are socialized in order to avoid expressing inappropriate feelings, needs and desires.

Since childhood, many of us have been taught to be polite, which means that we generally don’t tell the truth about ourselves.

This may cause us to be attacked because of our weak performance, or even severely attacked.

Simply speaking, what you want is a good way to start a conversation, especially the uncomfortable feeling.

To put it simply, this is the most effective method when you feel that your needs are not being met. If the other person reacts negatively, please listen and respect your mood.

2. Avoid silence.

People often communicate in silence, but this method will definitely derail your relationship with others.

Isolating yourself by ignoring or preventing your partner will only worsen resentment and anger. If you need a person's time, say it clearly.

Attempting to change the behavior of the other party while ignoring the other party will only create a vicious circle for the other party and lead to tension.

3. Be responsible for your feelings.

It is easy to believe that the reason why we have such a bad feeling is because of what others have done.

But in most cases, this is not the case. As long as you feel sad, angry, jealous, resentful or angry, you will have this feeling.

Don't believe that the other person makes you feel this way. Want to know that these feelings are always in your heart, just a trigger at a certain moment.

Resolve by stating your feelings. It can explore your thoughts and usually deepen your understanding and intimacy.

4. Always maintain respect.

Attacking a partner is never an efficient option, and usually the other person cannot accept it.

Only then will the attacker realize that if he is impolite, he will shut his mouth and allow himself to retreat to the defensive zone, which is bad for communication.

If you find that you want to attack the other person, just say it and take some time to repair the other person’s psychological trauma.

Take a deep breath and express your emotions in a safe and cathartic way, which can create more space for understanding and expressing yourself.

5. Don't blame.

Playing the blame game will undoubtedly end the relationship, even if the other person is strongly believed to be blameworthy.

When you want to blame the other person, you should reassess your beliefs.

More importantly, you openly condemn the other party, shut down effective communication, and make them feel that they must defend themselves.

Communication is difficult in all relationships, so if your approach is not always correct, don’t be too harsh on yourself.

Try to create more peace of mind and space for yourself and your partner in this relationship.

If you find yourself stuck in communication, or get too struggling with communication, you may need professional help.

No matter what you choose to do, respect yourself and others, just to build a closer relationship.

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