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On the turquoise-colored lawn, a themed venue consisting of beautiful flowers and green leaves, neat long tables filled with flowers and delicious food. The white wedding dress makes the bride look very beautiful. Under the bright sunshine, she receives sincere blessings from her friends and relatives. The children were frolicking on the grass, happily enjoying the nature. This unforgettable and beautiful day is full of cheerful and festive atmosphere. Such a beautiful and dreamy outdoor lawn wedding will leave a deep impression on every participant!

Here for you to introduce the process of lawn wedding, I hope it can help couples.

First, the outdoor activities of the lawn for the wedding process

1. Determine the theme of the wedding

It is recommended that the lawn wedding to be fashionable, romantic, sacred, incorporating some of these corporate fresh fashion culture elements, so that the entire Chinese wedding can be more elegant, romantic, youthful. The main colors of the lawn wedding should be white, green, purple, orange and pink草地證婚.

2. Selection of wedding location

Lawn weddings attach great importance to the choice of wedding location. A quiet, open green space is a must. In order to meet these requirements, one-stop wedding reception center/villa garden can be preferred.

3. Wedding Venue Setting

Lawn wedding venue layout is extremely important, the registration area, photo area, ceremony area and guest seating should complement each other. Guests will also value the layout and comfortable experience of their area.

4. Selection of wedding dress and modeling

The bride's dress is mainly a simple western banquet dress with white gloves. The groom can choose a white dress or a light colored dress. The bride should wear her hair up or down. After careful combing, a headdress should be worn so that the whole body radiates a little fresh air.

5. Holding the wedding

Due to the special nature of lawn weddings, the wedding ceremony is simplified unlike ordinary hotel weddings. It mainly includes the entrance of the bride through the red carpet, speeches by witnesses, vows of the newlyweds, exchange of rings, 草地證婚 hampagne opening and cake cutting.

6. Lawn wedding small ideas

Lawn wedding preparation process is roughly through the above teaching content, careful planning and some important aspects of the small ideas can also add points to the wedding.

Outdoor lawn wedding checklist.

1, large as well as backboard, the venue for the arrangement (flowers, white yarn, balloons)

2. 1-3 flower gates and pavilions.

3. One senior planner (or pastor)

4. one professional dj

5. one professional bartender

6. two professional photographers and a photographer.

7. a professional makeup artist

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