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Amazon Games will officially release lost Ark in the West on February 11. And there will be many interesting classes in this brand new MMO. Players who want to know more can follow the guide written by IGGM in advance and buy Lost Ark Gold there. Take some Lost Ark classes as examples below.

Gunlancer is the most playable of all the Warriors of Lost Ark. With excellent offense and defense, he is one of the most reliable characters in the game. It has a temporary shield that can only work for a few seconds, but can stop the enemy. However, Gunlancer’s own extremely inconvenient mobility makes its practicality and performance below average. People who want to play Gunlance must pay attention to its correct use.

Martial Artists are very good at aggressive attacks, which makes many shields as vulnerable as paper. Their speed and varied movements made up for their weak defenses.

Stricker really likes to put himself there and cause harm. Its lightning-fast speed is violent and deceptive, and it can play with enemy players in the air. However, Strickers is not suitable for beginners. New players will find the coping mechanism and storm speed painful.

Wardancers are perfect for new players who are just getting started with Lost Ark. However, despite their incredible speed, aggressiveness, and agility, Wardancers caused little damage. When letting her fight against any warrior class, the opponent has the ability to defeat it in one fell swoop. Therefore, in my opinion, it can only be used as a pastime.

The advantages and disadvantages of these classes are very prominent. Obviously, players need to choose the most suitable class according to their own characteristics and preferences to have fun in Lost Ark Gold. If you can have the help of a practical guide and Buy Lost Ark Gold in advance, it will be even more powerful.

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