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by on January 10, 2022

Licensed collectibles of American basketball teams and players are getting more demand now. This is because of the jaw-dropping success of NBA Top Shot. The NFT marketplace operating on the Flow blockchain network allows sports fans to purchase rare packs and moments of players, teams, and exciting tournaments. Are you that entrepreneur longing to create a platform for trading collectibles? Develop an NBA Top Shot clone

The important features of an NBA Top Shot clone script are

  • Search panel - Admirers of the sport of basketball can quickly discover limited-edition NFTs. They can enter the names of players, teams, and sets. 
  • Social media login mechanism - Interested buyers can instantly bid for collectibles being sold in auctions. They can link their email addresses, social media accounts, and also link their Dapper wallet. 
  • Hot Moments section - Unbelievable jump shots and game-changing dunks often make the difference between a win and a loss. Thus, the hot moments panel features action-packed videos where players give their all to claim points. Thus, sports aficionados can see the price in US Dollars (USD), Ethereum (ETH), and Flow (FLOW) tokens. They can select the preferred NFT and purchase the moment. 
  • Latest Listings panel - Common and rare collectibles are showcased on the NBA Top Shot clone script. Sports enthusiasts can check out these listings. 
  • Later, they will receive details about the name of the player, the date of the match, the number of the series, the average sale price in Ethereum (ETH), and the number of collectibles for sale. 
  • Help Centre - Sports fans can solve problems while minting and listing collectibles by contacting the dedicated help desk. They receive in-depth assistance for issues like deposits and withdrawal of funds, processing of peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions, completion of flash and legacy challenges, and undergoing identity verification.

 Wrapping Up

Do you want to transform the exciting game of basketball? Give a call to a white-label solution provider now for creating an NBA Top Shot clone script.

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