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Fixed communication network refers to the network in which communication devices are connected by wired or wireless means and can provide users with voice, data, multimedia and other services. After a century of development,fm350-gl fixed communication networks have been evolving towards broadband, integration, IP, intelligence and synthesis. Fixed communication network undertakes the task of massive information transmission, is the key national information infrastructure, and is the basis of information system to support the digital transformation of the society.

Driven by computer and Internet information technology, fixed communication network has got a rapid economic development in the last thirty years.During the period of 1900 to 2000, fixed to carry out the network system can mainly carry voice teaching business; during the period of 2000 to 2006, the main content of the fixed network society carries the web page design business;fwa during the period of 2006 to 2012, the fixed network management mainly by carrying video streaming business. With the development of cloud computing, Internet of Things and other new technologies, new financial business capabilities with significantly higher quality of business services security needs, the bandwidth of the fixed network, time delay, reliability put forward a higher level of requirements, the industry began to divide the form of generation for the fixed network marketing definition of the continuous development of the research path, the proposal of the fifth-generation fixed communications network (F5G).

Although F5G has been able to meet the needs of various terrestrial services, fixed terrestrial networks still face many challenges in terms of construction costs. Therefore, satellite-based space-based communication systems are rapidly developing and will be deeply integrated with fixed terrestrial communication networks in the future to provide broadband communication services for consumer-level Internet services, constituting the world-integrated F6G.

The integrated network of heaven and earth is the core direction of future F6G architecture research. The backbone network composed of satellites enables users on Earth to enjoy high-speed broadband wireless access services anytime and anywhere, overcoming distance barriers and realizing high-speed communications between any two points, including ground and high-altitude platforms, to achieve seamless global coverage.F6G will realize the interconnection and intercommunication between satellite networks and terrestrial fiber-optic networks to form an integrated optical communication system between heaven and earth, meet the needs of next-generation networks of different industries, and significantly improve user experience and promote the digital transformation of society and high-quality growth of the digital economy.

Fiber optic communication network with large bandwidth, low loss and strong anti-interference ability is the cornerstone of broadband national information infrastructure, and an important part of gigabit optical network construction, and the data and information it carries is an important support for realizing the strategies of "Digital China" and "Network Power". Support.

As an important pillar in the field of information and communication, optical communication technology plays an important role in serving modern economic and social development, especially in supporting the rapid development of digital economy. Accelerating the innovation and application of optical communication technology has become an important measure to consolidate the foundation of digital economy, enhance the competitiveness of key technology fields, and coordinate national development and security.

The development of Internet enterprises has entered a stage of Internet of everything, and new application technologies are posing more severe challenges to fixed communication networks.

F6G can support full-time and full-size broadband connection in large-size space, and can support various future holographic communication applications by combining the advantages of naked-eye 3D display technology, such as high realism, strong sense of participation, and good sense of immersion.

In terms of virtual-reality interaction, F6G has broad application prospects and can provide high-speed, stable, low-latency data transmission and communication support to realize smoother and more realistic virtual reality and augmented reality applications.

In terms of information interconnection, F6G can realize seamless coverage of sea, land and air through the heaven and earth network and the interconnection of everything. With the support of F6G, the scale of accessible people, objects and devices will be further expanded, i.e., both human and unoccupied areas can be covered by the network in order to expand the coverage of human activities. Connected people, objects and devices may be upgraded to an interconnected "digital species".


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