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Given that there are too many classes of African fighters in Lost Ark, the following will introduce a few typical examples.

Similar to Lost Ark’s gunner class, he has a natural advantage in high burn damage. Once the players charge it, its strength will rise to the next level. The shortcomings are also obvious. It moves slowly and is easily killed by assassins.

Among all senior gunner professions, sharpshooter is the only profession that uses bows and arrows. The strength of Sharpshooter is that he can deal with long-range and short-range enemies. But its average speed and low mobility may allow the enemy to plan an attack under his nose and knock him down. This is exactly the same as the shortcomings of Artillerist.

Magic spells are the main means of Mage class. They are basically a support class. They are very good at treating teammates and providing support from behind. In any MMO game, most wizards have very weak defensive capabilities, but there are also a few wizards who use their own strength and equipment to cover their shortcomings.

Bard is more of a support class than an attack class. It can also use the wand to heal other players in battle. Fans of PvP games should choose Bard to start Lost Ark. What needs to be remembered by players is that they cannot expect to use Bud to fight the enemy, otherwise the players will be hacked.

As the name suggests, the main method of the Summoner class is to attack enemies by summoning various types of pets. If people want to increase the ranking and cruise long battles, this may be the best choice. However, his low mobility and painful super weak damage may drive players crazy.

These non-warrior classes require players to think carefully to start their journey in Lost Ark smoothly. If they need more powerful help, they can go to IGGM. There is a correct guide to everything about Lost Ark and cheapest Gold Lost Ark. Everyone can safely absorb knowledge and buy Cheap Lost Ark Gold securely there. Wait patiently for the release of Lost Ark.

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