by on August 25, 2021

Due to the unpredictable changes in the players in the game last season, this year will pass "Madden 22" to predict some players in the NFL season.

Dak returns

Dak Prescott last season, before suffering a terrible ankle injury, has maintained the best form of MVP in the game. This new season, because of his return, the Cowboys locked the NFC East. Prescott led the Cowboys forward with 4,823 yards and a career-high 41 TD in the "Madden" game, so the injury situation did not reflect on him. In addition, the return of Ezekiel Elliott has also become more promising because of Dak. Ezekiel Elliott has Buy MUT 22 Coins 18 rushing touchdowns in the game, and ran the highest yardage since the 2018 season of 1,426 yards, which makes him tied for the league lead with Seattle’s Chris Carson.

Colin Kaepernick gets the chance to play

Always persisting in NFC East, Colin Kaepernick was finally signed by the Eagles as the starting quarterback this season. In real life, unless Jalen Hurts is injured, this situation is almost impossible, but the ratings of several starting QBs including Hurts are not as high as Kaepernick's. The former 49ers star played the highest level in the Hawks since the competition, his yardage (4,679) and TDs (33) both set a Madden 22 Coins career high. Unfortunately, Philadelphia ranked third in the division with a score of 7-10, leading to missed playoffs.

These are the simulation results of the NFL season in "Madden 22".

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