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Everyone’s evaluation of Bless Unleashed is different. Some players think it is a good and worth playing RPG game, and they have prepared enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds for this. Some players think it has a lot of bad things. Here are their negative views on Bless Unleashed.

Many players have repetitive feelings about the lower levels, because after defeating the main story event, the production and housing really come into play. Although there are many things to collect in the open world, and they can be made while upgrading. However, players found that upgrading to level 28 is of no importance to any profession. In fact, some items in these professions need to polish the world boss to get relevant materials. So many players will choose Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to upgrade quickly.

Another complaint is that many task NPCs, especially men, use the same facial model. They can add beards, mustaches and hair as they please, but they still look like twin brothers in the entire area. In addition, another annoying thing is the leveling mechanism of the Blessing system. Players can activate one of several blessings at once. But to upgrade a certain discipline, you need to get the blessing breathing card based on the random drawing mechanism. I chose Mark of The Wolf Blessing, which requires your class Breath of The Wolf cards. In most lotteries, players will get wolf cards from other professions.

Sometimes it feels like you will encounter obstacles in the game. It forced one instance to revisit the low-level world boss in the main story mission line. These world bosses cannot be used alone. As a slower upgrade, or even new players entering the game, this may hinder progress. In one case, if a player is level 23 and must defeat a world boss around level 13, he would better prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to enhance his strength.

If players want to play with housing, they need to complete the original story campaign and defeat their mortal enemy mage Gideon. This is a private instance battle, which means it is a single player battle. Depending on their level, equipment score, and skill level, this is challenging and can be difficult. So players will buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get better equipment so that they can easily defeat the enemy. Unfortunately, the housing in Bless Unleashed PC seems to be just the act of owning a property and hiring workers to collect handicraft resources. Owning a manor also leads to the behavior of taming and capturing creatures.

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