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There are many crafts in Bless Unleashed, among which making, cooking and alchemy are more complicated parts. General players can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get some materials, but many craftable materials require unique fragments, especially epic fragments. Refined Grassland Soul is one of them, it needs the soul fragments of the Corrupted Treant boss.

If players want to get the soul fragments of the Corrupted Treant boss, they need to go to Carzacor Plains located in the south of the world map. Once there, cross the bridge over the river and enter Eastern Farmlands. Corrupted Treant is generated in Castra Magnus, also known as Arena of the Undead. Once players enter the arena, they will fight Corrupted Treant. This boss has no special attacks. His only threatening attack is ground slam. If the players get too close to him, he will execute it. At other times, he will only follow the player. Therefore, if players want to easily defeat it, it is necessary to Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

If the players do not have enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, then they can choose the mage class to fight the boss. Players can use the spell combination here to defeat Corrupted Treant. Offhand Bolt, Fending Bolts, Frost Bite, Blinkstrike, Forceful Bolts, Arcane Lightning, Scorching Blast, Sundering Blast, Violent Explosion. Repeat this pattern cyclically until the Corrupted Treant falls. After the battle, gold coins, defensive stones, and equipment will be rewarded, and the boss will also drop soul fragments.

Players can also fight other elite bosses in the Carzacor Plain, such as: Divine Shieldmaiden at Western Hills, Wandering Mountain Giant at Egil Farm, Undead Gladiator at The Ancient Amphitheater, Grasslands Giant at Near Ribus River.

These are how to get all the contents of Corrupted Treant Soul Fragments in Bless Unleashed. Players can try it out in the game by themselves. The premise is that players had better prepare enough Bless Unleashed Star Seeds as support.

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