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Upgrading in Bless Unleashed is indeed a long process, especially after passing regional missions. Some players will choose Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to quickly upgrade. But in addition to this method, players can also use some methods to improve their level. Here are some ways to help players quickly gain XP in Bless Unleashed.

Play the main mission. If players want to continue the game, they must complete the main task. It is recommended to play the main mission, because it can not only help you level up, but also unlock more maps, dungeons, various side missions, bosses and other things. Players may also receive other rewards such as Bless Unleashed Star Seeds.

Side missions. If the goal of players is to level up, then they may not need to pay attention to side missions. Side missions cannot provide players with a high limit of XP, so players are better off avoiding them. But for some players who want to Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, side missions are a good choice.

Regional missions and bosses. Regional missions and bosses are very suitable for obtaining XP and loot. Therefore, once players unlock new places, they can complete regional missions and bosses to quickly upgrade. In a battle, find bosses and strike each boss several times. This trick will give players a lot of XP. At the same time, if players complete daily and weekly tasks, not only will they get some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds, they will also provide players with a large amount of XP.

Kill the enemy with a single blow. In the battle, players had better defeat the enemy alone, because they will get the most XP. When players knock down enemies with friends or a group of players, the XP earned will be distributed to all players. Since sharing XP will slow down the upgrade speed, it is encouraged to single-player defeating the enemy.

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