by on September 27, 2022

In recent times, many startups are willing to start a crypto payment gateway business in the crypto space. This is because most countries started to accept crypto as a payment for their goods and services. Due to this positive impact, crypto users started to prefer the best crypto payment gateways to transact their cryptos.


As of now, Bitpay is the prominent crypto payment gateway in the industry as they analyze all the needs of the users and offer exemplary services to their global users. The service they provide to the users made them generate a lot of profits. If you are a startup who wants to start a crypto payment gateway business like bitpay, then you can go with a premium bitpay clone script which is an effective method to start a crypto payment gateway business. It is a ready-made clone software of the existing crypto payment gateway (bitpay). This clone script has all the exact same features as bitpay. You can easily customize the layout, features, and other visuals without any hassle.


Now everyone would have a question, how much does it cost to develop a crypto payment gateway platform by using a Bitpay clone script??


Currently, there is a myth in the crypto market - no one can start a crypto payment gateway business like bitpay at an affordable cost. However, the truth is - that the Bitpay clone script will help you to launch a stunning and user-friendly crypto payment gateway platform 100% similar to Bitapy at a budget-friendly price.  The approximate cost of the Bitpay Clone Script is $6k-$8k. The cost of the bitpay clone script might vary according to your business necessities and urgent needs.

You can get a free demo and more information about the bitpay clone script here >> Bitpay Clone Script




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