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Are you unable to differentiate between Jabra Elite 7 Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro? If yes, this blog is for you. Let’s check out each product before looking for similarities and differences.

Jabra Elite 7 Pro

It supports a penchant for creating earbuds that find themselves in the conversation among the top in the industry. Let’s start with fitting and comfort to fix the clear call quality, long-lasting battery life, and sonic excellence.


Most companies that create earbuds like to use “Pro” to characterize a specific set as having more than just the basics. So, that you see it appear fairly, even if not all the best wireless earbuds add in it. Jabra marked a few key things in creating the Elite 7 Pro to be highlighted as one of the tops you can find.


Jabra Elite 7 Pro is suited for all-around activity because it has a more durable set and adds dust resistance. Jabra went with a more rubberized compose in the Elite 7 Active; though different from past years, it manages the same IP rating for its more flagship set.


Jabra evaluated numbers when active noise cancelation (ANC) is on rather than off because it also has long-lasting battery life switches for the better. In fact, the Elite 7 Pro possibly plays up to 2 hours more per charge than the Buds do.


It worked due to the comfortable pair. A variety of ear types has a shape and thinner frame work. This is an important reason the other factors come together to make them so efficient.





+ Effective ANC

+ Outstanding call quality

+ Excellence audio quality

+ Perfect fit and comfort

+ Reliable button controls

+ Long-lasting battery life


- No multipoint yet

- ANC must be customized

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

Everything compressed into the Galaxy Buds Pro, leading to a group of factors that converge into a complete set of earbuds worth considering. Fit and comfort are difficult to read for everyone, but you get ambient mode, active noise cancelation, and 360 audios.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro is more than the ability to build up against the best.


The Galaxy Buds Pro topped out at closer to 5-6 hours with ANC on. Samsung equipped the Galaxy Buds Pro with plenty of factors that necessitated bigger earbuds. It provides high and low settings for ANC on the Galaxy buds Pro. Also, paired with ANC with the ambient mode for voice Detect, a factor that the sound of whatever you are listening to, so you can talk and hear to someone without taking them off.


Samsung Galaxy wearable app is way down, yet they only provide you with a selected number of EQ presets.


+ Significant water resistance

+ Solid ANC performance

+ Dynamic ambient mode

+ Bolder sound

+ More custom fit


- Fit requires more fidgeting

- Ambient mode is not as good

- Lower battery life


We will discuss some similarities, But I would highly recommend the Jabra Elite 7 Pro. These two make for an absorbing matchup. Both have similar water resistance.


Also, both sets provide 3 sizes of ear tips for a perfect fit; in certain ways, these two brands created the respective earbuds that settle them.


Both have similar onboard controls. Jabra has lengthy physical buttons for more dependable and accordant performance. Like many others, the Galaxy Buds Pro uses touch-sensitive powers, and they are not going to coordinate the effectiveness of actual buttons. Moreover, both pairs have “Find My” factors to follow the earbuds if you put them in the wrong place, so you know their end place.


Both earbuds have great sound quality, so that you can check out a good sonic position. Earlier, I mentioned the fit, which plays a huge role in how good the sound comes through because of how strongly sealed the earbuds are when you put them on. Jabra controls an edge there, but its Sound + app provides you with an equalizer (EQ).


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