by on January 21, 2022

We all know Amazon Games will release Lost Ark in the West on February 11th. And before entering this new MMO game, every player who wants to get an achievement in Lost Ark is best to learn some practical gold collecting skills in advance, in case they need it from time to time.

Secret rooms in the Chaos Halls
The Chamber of Secrets may appear in any Chaos Hall. Everyone can easily tell them apart because their portals are different colors, either yellow or red. There are different things in the portals of different colors. Players need to complete any one of them to get Lost Ark Gold, but the premise is that they must have the energy of Order.

Players who complete the Breach in Feyton and South Bern will receive a Relic-quality Treasure Map. For its opening and passing, players can get more Gold Lost Ark and resources. Therefore, when their strength rises to a certain level, they can travel to the treasures on this road. They can only claim once rewards a day.

Abyss Dungeons
Players with equipment level 1325 can take part in the Abyssal Dungeon “Heart of Oreya”. When they clear the level, they can get rich Lost Ark Gold/Items as a reward. It has two dungeons, each with two modes (normal and heroic). They can only Buy Lost Ark Gold for each dungeon a week. Players cannot enter heroic mode if they have already earned the normal mode rewards.

These tips are very useful. For those who are new to Lost Ark, what they need more is to play steadily and learn more relevant beginner guides, otherwise they will suffer big losses in the future journey. The best helper is, where players can absorb more really useful Lost Ark knowledge and buy more cheap Lost Ark Gold/Items. In short, there are many methods available, and the specific ones still need players to explore slowly.

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