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Among Bless Unleashed, Bless Unleashed Splendid Alfonsino is a relatively rare fish. Players can only find it in one location, but patience is required. It is not called a rare fish. If players have the item they want, then they can buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get it. But for this rare fish, they may need to spend some time to find it.

Players need to go to Carzacor Port and queue there. They need to fish in "hotspot", although the income they get from these areas does not seem to be any different from the income from fishing anywhere else in the same location. If they don't use Splendid Alfonsino to compete, they can break it down into materials like any other fish. Scale, Fin, Loin, Belly, Cheek meat, Roe, Pearl.

If players have difficulty catching fish, they need to upgrade the kit. They can prepare some Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get a better kit. Wires are particularly useful because improved wires take longer to break. Players can try Stringy Meat as a bait. It is easier to obtain than advanced bait, and they can be obtained without spending any rare items.

Fishing merchants will upgrade players’ equipment, but they can only use gold coins to get basic enhancements. Higher-level equipment requires trophies obtained from regional competitions. But players can also buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get more advanced equipment. Some require rare fish and provide players with three trophies to succeed, but simpler ones just ask for unusual fish and reward them with a trophy.

It may take a while to capture Splendid Alfonsino, so players can roam the map while waiting. They can collect some soul crystals in exchange for Bless Unleashed cosmetics, but after defeating these unique bosses, don't forget to collect loot. If players want to easily defeat the enemy, they can Buy Bless Unleashed Star Seeds to get more powerful weapons. 

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