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If you are a user of an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or any Apple gadget, you might be quite familiar with all the features and options they include. All of the devices that Apple designs are much popular and commonly used by millions of people all over the world. There are a lot of excellent features included in Apple devices that provide its users with the best experience. You can use an iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple smartwatch to perform any task with much ease. Also, the tech giant keeps rolling out updates from time to time for the operating system that runs on its devices to improvise the experience of the users. Mac is also one of the best products of Apple that anyone can use.


Do you also own a Mac computer, or have you recently purchased one and want to know all about it? You must read this full post to get the complete details.


All the Apple devices come with some pre-installed tools and programs that any user can easily use. One such example of this is the Messages app, which is the default messaging application. The app allows you to do all the basic things that you expect. For instance, you can send and receive texts, photos, emojis, and all other standard texting stuff. Also, there are a lot of great options available to use within the Messages app. You can pin conversations in the app on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac device. If you are one of those Apple device users who use the Messages app for many conversations, you might have a few people you’d like to keep in priority. Well, luckily, it is much easier for any Mac user to do so.

In the following blog, you will be able to get the methods using which you can pin conversations in the Messages app on your Mac device. The option for pinning a conversation can be helpful for any user. By pinning the conversation in the Messages app on Mac, the prioritized conversation or thread will remain at the top, which will make it easy to find the message you want to view. And with all that said, let’s see what procedure you will need to follow to do to pin conversations in the Messages app on your Mac.


Here is the complete procedure following which you can pin conversations in the Messages app installed on your Mac device:

  • To start with the task, you will first launch the Messages app on your Mac device.

  • After launching the app, keep scrolling down through your conversations list and locate the thread you want to pin.

  • You will now have to right-click or control-click on the thread, after which a context menu will show up on your screen. You will click on the option of “Pin.”

  • Alternatively, you can also pin conversation thread by dragging it to the top of your conversations list to pin it there.

  • If, at any time, you wish to unpin a conversation, you can do so by right-clicking or control-clicking on it, and then choose the option of “Unpin” from the context menu that appears on your screen. And that’s it.

  • If you have pinned multiple conversation threads, you will be able to drag them around and rearrange them as per your preferences.

  • Also, you need to know that you will not find the following option in the older versions of macOS. So, before you proceed with the guide, you will have to make sure that you are running the newer version of the operating system on your Mac device. Your Mac must be running at least macOS Big Sur or later.


So, this is all about pinning the conversation threads in the Messages app on the Mac device. Not only this, but you can also pin conversations in the app installed on your iPhone or iPad. So, now you know how you can prioritize some of your conversations on your Apple device. And this is all for today. If you wish to get more knowledge about Apple devices and their features, you can take a tour of our official website and read other related blogs.




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