Camilla Burns
by on October 11, 2022

NBA Top Shot clone is a fully functional, feature-rich, and customizable solution to create an NBA Top Shot-like NFT sports marketplace. Let us see what type of NFT can be minted or bought in the NBA Top Shot NFT marketplace. 


What can you collect in NFT sports marketplaces like NBA Top Shot?

Every sport has special moments and events that fans cherish. Turning these into collectibles can be an advantage. Below are some of the things you can turn into digital collectibles.

  •  Sports Cards – These are considered very common digital collections in the sports-based NFT market. It will be a breakthrough product that will catch the attention of sports fans and NFT enthusiasts.

  • Accessories - This includes the athlete's autographed T-shirt and balls, and other sports accessories. It can be any accessories related to sporting events.

  • Moments - Every player gets excited when given a chance to remember a special moment of their favorite player or team when they scored a goal.

  • Souvenirs - Come up with something to refresh the audience's memories. These can be awards, trophies, souvenirs, etc. All awards are unique and can be minted and sold on the market. Value goes up when listed.


Why Choose white-label NBA Top Shot Clone?

A white-label solution is ready to launch using which you can launch your platform in less time. Since it is a prebuilt solution, the cost is comparatively less compared to creating a marketplace from the start. With this white-label sports NFT marketplace solution, you can gain brand recognition quickly and easily grab people's attention and increase the platform's user count. Additionally, the white-lable solution is highly customizable, and you can add or remove the required features.


Get in touch with a NFT marketplace development company and create a NBA Top Shot like NFT sports marketplace.


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