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Web3 Smart Contract Auditing Services


We provide cutting-edge Smart Contract Auditing Services to ensure the security of your Blockchain Projects. Trusted by emerging Web3 Ventures, we offer unparalleled expertise in auditing smart contracts.

Web3 Smart Contract Auditing - Ensure Security and Compliance for your Applications

A smart contract audit is a thorough examination conducted by experts to analyze the code of a smart contract. Its main purpose is to identify and address any bugs or vulnerabilities present in the code. This process is crucial for ensuring the security of blockchain projects.

Although blockchain projects are typically open-source, most individuals lack the necessary skills to effectively review smart contract code on their own. Expert smart contract auditors play a vital role in helping users make well-informed decisions by identifying, explaining, and resolving potential risks.

The value secured by Web3 platforms and DeFi projects amounts to billions of dollars. Consequently, the security of blockchain systems becomes paramount for the survival and success of these projects. Advanced tools such as formal verification enhance the auditing process by providing mathematical guarantees regarding the behavior of smart contracts.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper helps you review your smart contracts with advanced AI and mathematical techniques and also ensures all the contract functions are as planned.  

Why is a Smart contract audit important?

Smart contracts serve as the underlying foundation for numerous blockchain applications, functioning as self-executing agreements where the contract terms are encoded directly into the code itself.

Nevertheless, given the unique characteristics of blockchain technology, any imperfections or vulnerabilities within the smart contract code can result in severe and irreversible outcomes. These may include financial losses or compromised security.

  • It ensures security and minimized vulnerabilities

  • It prevents Hacks and establishes Trust and Confidence

Our Smart Contract Security Audit Services

Smart Contract Audit

BlockchainAppsDeveloper adheres to sophisticated smart contract security audit methodologies aimed at bolstering the security of your blockchain application. By implementing these practices, we assist you in safeguarding your financial resources and saving valuable time in the long term. Through regular scanning of smart contract code, we ensure the continued security of your blockchain application, all at a competitive price for smart contract audits.

Complete Security Assessment

Our team of smart contract auditors diligently oversees the implementation of your application's business logic to ensure its robustness. We prioritize the execution of industry-standard security measures to fortify your application against potential threats. Through meticulous code review and monitoring, we leave no stone unturned in identifying any ambiguities that cyber attackers could potentially exploit. Our goal is to provide comprehensive security and peace of mind for your smart contract application.

Threat Modelling

We assist clients in identifying the security requirements of their projects and pinpointing potential entry points that could be vulnerable to hacks. We go beyond identification by quantifying the criticality of threats and vulnerabilities, allowing for a more precise understanding of the risks involved. Additionally, we provide visualizations of the project's attack surface, enabling a clearer view of potential areas of exploitation. Moreover, we continuously update the threat model to account for evolving risks that may arise in the future.

Comprehensive Audit Report Creation

We are dedicated to providing comprehensive audit reports that encompass extensive vulnerability details, specifically referencing relevant sections of your application. Our team of smart contract auditors prepares a detailed executive summary of the project, accompanied by mitigation guidance. This executive summary is the result of a thorough smart contract security audit, highlighting key findings and recommendations to address any identified vulnerabilities.

Enterprise Security Counseling

Our highly skilled team of smart contract security audit experts provides comprehensive support to enterprises throughout the entire lifecycle of Blockchain development. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including smart contract security auditing, smart contract testing, scheduled automatic scans, and a host of other valuable offerings.

Benefits of Smart Contract Auditing by BlockchainApspDeveloper

Time Efficient process

During the negotiation phase smart contract audit duration is agreed as per client request. After our client provides us with all the required documents we start the auditing process immediately.

Transparent Pricing

The price of auditing is completely based on audit complexity and scope, which is already determined during the negotiation stage. There are no hidden fees and penalties.


We have smart contract experts and have developed our audit quality standards and methodology.


Among the audited projects, BlockchainAppsDeveloper boasts an incident rate of less than 1%, with a flawless record of 0% involvement in scam ventures.

Blockchain Platforms We Audit

Our company specializes in comprehensive smart contract security audits on popular blockchain platforms. By leveraging our expertise, you can confidently deploy your smart contract application knowing that it has undergone a rigorous audit to identify and mitigate any potential vulnerabilities.

  • Ethereum Smart Contract Audit

  • BSC Smart Contract Audit

  • Polygon Smart Contract Audit

  • dApp Smart Contract Audit

  • Wallet Smart Contract Audit

  • LI Smart Contract Audit

  • ZkSyn Smart Contract Audit

  • Starknet Smart Contract Audit

  • Polkadot Smart Contract Audit

  • Solana Smart Contract Audit

  • Sui Smart Contract Audit

  • NEAR Smart Contract Audit

  • Algorand Smart Contract Audit

  • Tezos Smart Contract Audit

  • Fantom Smart Contract Audit

  • Hyperledger Smart Contract Audit

  • Avalanche Smart Contract Audit

Smart Contract Audit Process

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is committed to helping you achieve a secure and successful smart contract deployment on your preferred platform. Our smart contract audit process is:

Client Consultation for Requirement Gathering

  • We consult our client before initiating the audit process.

  • We understand our client's functional and business requirements.

  • We go through the client's white paper and yellow paper.

  • We collect the code design pattern to know the intention of smart contracts.

Static and Dynamic Code Analysis

We execute the analysis process and review the codes using automated tools that have 150 susceptibility detectors, to identify:

  • Potential Errors

  • Malicious Code

  • Compilation Issues

Conditional Code Testing

  • We deploy and test smart contracts on a local sandbox environment.

  • To prevent unnecessary gas consumption, we verify the gas limits.

Manual Code Verification

We perform line-by-line inspection on smart contracts to find threats like:

  • Timestamp Dependence

  • External Calls

  • Denial of Service Attacks

Business Logic Verification

By using our smart contract audit tools, we test if the system is architectural as per the business logic. They include:

  • We verify the Smart Contracts flow graph.

  • We execute functional tests/end scenarios.

  • We identify various business risks associated with the business logic and provide possible solutions.

Initial Audit Report Submission and Bug Fixing

  • We share the initial audit report draft with our clients by highlighting risks and steps followed during the process.

  • Then we provide solutions to fix the bugs.

  • Once the bug fixing is completed from the client's end, we provide a free three follow-up audit.

Final Audit Report Creation & Delivery

  • We create a detailed final audit report comprising all the recorded risks and vulnerability details and their status.

  • Finally, we deliver a complete report with the guidance steps and methods for continuous verification.

How does a smart contract audit work?

Our team of experienced security experts will be involved in a comprehensive manual review for every smart contract audit. An additional layer of security is provided by automated AI-powered reviews. By utilizing formal verification, developers have the option to take an additional step in certifying the behavior of their smart contracts based on custom function specifications. This process goes beyond basic auditing and provides a deeper understanding of the entire scope of their platform.

  • Expert smart contract Source code and deployment scripts review.

  • Specification

  • Automatic Formal Verification

  • Security Report - List of security vulnerabilities and certified /violated requirements.

When a smart contract audit is needed?

  • When preparing for the release of a new product.

  • When noticing malicious activities.

  • After introducing major updates.

  • Before important listing.

What projects need a smart contract audit?

Every app or service using smart contracts like,

  • Decentralized Exchanges

  • Defi Platforms

  • NFT Marketplace

  • Crypto Wallets

  • Gaming and Virtual Worlds.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides smart contract auditing for all these apps or services. We aim to deliver actionable insights that enable you to enhance the security of your smart contract application effectively.

Why Choose BlockchainAppsDeveloper as your Web3 Smart Contract Audit Company?

BlockchainAppsDeveloper has a team of security experts who have conducted audits across all major blockchain protocols. We are trusted Blockchain and smart contract auditors and we audit all components of Web3 platforms. We take smart contract auditing to the next level by incorporating mathematical assurances into the evaluation process, surpassing traditional manual reviews.

BlockchainAppsDeveloper is the Best  Web3 Development Company as well as Blockchain Development Company that offers end-to-end Web3 Development Services and Solutions with advanced technical features as per your requirements. We also offer exclusive services like,

Through our collaborative approach, we guarantee that your project undergoes thorough smart contract auditing, enabling a secure launch in the shortest time possible. Recognizing the importance of time, our extensive team of auditors is equipped to handle projects of any scale with utmost efficiency.


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