by on January 30, 2022

New World received an update in January that focused on adding endgame level options and introduced the recently announced Expedition Mutators and new Umbral Shards-based gear upgrades. Fast travel and tax rates have also been improved. So, if players want to level up faster in the game, they can buy New World Gold at IGGM.

Umbral Shards are a new resource that players can earn by executing new Expedition Mutators. Higher difficulty levels achieved in these challenges will earn players more and more New World Gold. Expeditions have also been changed to reflect the new Mutators, and are generally updated with increased rewards and drop rates. All the different materials that can be used to craft Expedition Keys have also been reduced. In this way, players can better engage with the new system.

Fast Travel has also undergone an overhaul to reduce costs and increase efficiency. This update reduces the distance factor for the number of Azoths required per trip. There are also new Fast Travel Shrines throughout Aeternum that help players travel around more consistently and frequently.

Winter Convergence may be over, with a bunch of fixes to the AI, adding various perks to the new Mutator system. Made changes to Outpost Rush, including increasing the cost of New World Gold from 500 to 750 Azoth and a number of extensive fixes across the game. Another thing the team learned from player feedback is that housing taxes are too high, and the gap between the rich and the poor is severely imbalanced due to the tax rate and a series of loopholes. There was a time when the tax rate was only 10%, but now this has reverted to 100% as the tax bracket has been lowered. 

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