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by on January 31, 2022

November 2015 was a turning point for the global crypto industry. Wonder what happened? The introduction of the ERC-20 standard. These fungible assets were the sole reason for the popularity of the Ethereum blockchain network. It offers several advantages like interoperability, uniformity, transparency, and quick processing of transactions. Are you an ambitious cryptopreneur? Hire an ERC20 token development company

What are the numerous ERC20 Token Development Services?

  • Decentralized Application Development - Crypto exchanges and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms are all Decentralized Applications. Likewise, you will get benefits such as uninterrupted functioning, resistance against transaction censorship, immutability, and automation through the usage of smart contracts. Data of users are also safeguarded by using storage systems like InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) and Filecoin.
  • Custom token creation - Fungible tokens have multiple use-cases. An ERC20 token development service provider will create state-of-the-art digital assets that suit your business requirements. Thus, investors can use them for receiving rewards from games, conversion of fiat currencies to digital currencies and vice-versa, exchanging them for financial assets like bonds and shares, and buying real-world assets like gold and real estate. 
  • ICO development - Project creators can organize fundraising campaigns quickly. They can use solutions like whitepaper preparation, creation of a dashboard to monitor the inflow and outflow of funds, implementation of marketing campaigns across social media platforms and instant messaging apps, setting up of pre-programmed software on different blockchain networks, listing tokens on different decentralized exchanges, and compliance with different KYC and AML laws.

Eventually, project creators can achieve their fundraising target and fulfill their short-term and long-term roadmaps successfully. 

Wrapping Up

Importantly, ERC-20 tokens are being used across different Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms, and investors also get governance rights by holding these digital assets. Do you want to take control of the global crypto sector? Team up with an ERC-20 token development services provider now

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