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The abilities you use in New World are essential to quickly eliminating targets and winning duels against other players. Many of the abilities you select in the various weapon trees in New World feature passives that augment your skills. One of the many effects that you can add to your ability is called Grit. Several of the passives in New World mention giving an ability Grit, such as Unstoppable Stab for Reverse Stab. How does Grit work in New World, and what does it do?

What’s GRIT in New World
GRIT refers to any assault or skill that places a white impact round your character or an enemy character. GRIT assaults are additionally not inclined to staggers, that means you’re assault animation is not going to be interrupted until you run out of stamina (extra on that in a second).

Some weapons have a GRIT assault with an extended wind-up animation.

Certain actions activate GRIT for a character. This can be identified by their body being wreathed in gold. While GRIT is active, the character will continue their action even if they are hit. Heavy Attacks with melee weapons usually activate GRIT, allowing the attacker to perform their slow and powerful attack even if a faster attack hits them in the meantime.

Grit is extremely useful in both PvE and PvP. If there’s an attack that you feel is pretty easy for an opponent to telegraph and block, try to see if there’s a passive in your tree that improves on it to add Grit. This effect won’t be added to every ability, but it’s important to search for any weapon tree you’re using.

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