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Do you want to know the secrets of proper and healthy nutrition? It's not difficult, you should just read the article to the end and follow clear advice, after which you will fully gain control over your diet and strengthen your immune system.


Healthy Eating habits

1. Daily consumption on an empty stomach of 2 glasses of structured water. You can add a little lemon juice or 1 teaspoon of honey.

2. Avoid eating sweets and flour products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a little healthier, besides they contain a lot of water, which is very useful for the body.

3. Train yourself to use 2 tablespoons of olive oil 20 minutes after taking water. And you won't notice how your metabolism will improve.

4. A healthy full-fledged diet implies a dense good breakfast, thanks to which you will provide the body with energy at least until lunch. Oatmeal is the most suitable porridge, which is as good as possible for breakfast. For a variety of menus, contact a consultant at the online health food store, where he will offer a wide range of healthy products.

5. Give up water for 40 minutes after eating. Water promotes the expansion of the stomach and helps to strengthen the feeling of heaviness in it.

6. Eat often, but in small portions. Chew your food thoroughly. It is ideal to eat 5 meals a day at the same time.

7. Force yourself to take dinner at the same time. Limit your food intake after 18.00.

8. After 16.00, eat low-calorie food. Remember, at this time you risk getting extra fat on the waist. Carbohydrates are not your friends.

9. Forget about sweets 4 hours before bedtime. At night, the body also wants to rest. Having eaten enough at this time, you risk suffering from insomnia.

10. Healthy food and fruits are the best companions on the way to recovery. If you are unbearable and hunger is driving you crazy, you can eat half a cup of fruit.

11. Control your salt intake. This product is able to retain water in the body.

12. Give up black tea. Replace it with tea with the addition of flowers of medicinal herbs. You can also drink a mug of green tea, it has a soothing effect.

13. Train yourself to eat bran bread or loaves.

14. Avoid fast food snacks and junk food (mayonnaise, French fries, chips, carbonated drinks). They will not bring benefits to the body, and gastritis is provided for you. Try to eat less chocolate, cakes and cookies.

15. Fortify your body. Don't forget about vegetable salads. Nuts and olive oil are also useful. Just control the quantity.

16. Accustom yourself to eating boiled food or steamed.

17. Set yourself up only for a positive result. Thinking is not the last feeling in a healthy diet.


And finally, let's consider a proper and healthy diet for children, which is significantly different from an adult.


Healthy food for children


Healthy and proper nutrition of children depends entirely on the regime. Set the following mode for the child:


small snack


afternoon snack



Portions should be correct. It is impossible for a child to overeat or be malnourished. The break between eating should be 3 hours.


If the child is hungry earlier– he should not be starved. Give me a glass of ryazhenka to drink.


The following foods should be included in the daily diet of children:

1. cereals, pasta and cereals, potatoes

2. vegetables and fruits

3. protein foods: fish, chicken meat, eggs, dairy products, marine products

4. vegetable and olive oil

5. nuts

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