by on April 5, 2022
Creating a unique brand experience is not easy and designing a meaningful logo that projects the business image is essential. Company logo design requires expertise and creativity to communicate the vision to the audience. Logo Designs are not an overnight process, and it requires careful analysis of the requirements, defining the brand identity, competitor analysis, choosing the right type and design with complimenting typography etc. Logo designs are also not cheap as it requires a lot of rese...
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by on April 4, 2022
Bespoke website design and development is not easy, and the best website designers can help you create websites that convert. WordPress CMS websites are popular among web designers and business owners because of its easy to use features and the plugins available over the web. Unlike custom functionality development, addressing specific functional requirements is now easy with WordPress plugins. Learn more about the WordPress websites by following our blog and contact Subraa to learn more about h...
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by on March 31, 2022
Overview: Favicons are the simple representation of your logo, it helps to recognise your website among multiple open browser tabs easily and increases the creditability of your website. When you think a custom favicon is really necessary for your website, it is essential. The wise usage of the small space helps to recognise your brand and creates brand awareness. Learn more about the favicon usage and how Subraa, web designer in Singapore can help with the design of the favicon.
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by on March 29, 2022
Consistency is the key to creating a unique brand. When you option for logo design Singapore services, then your logo designer will also provide you with a branding guideline during the final delivery. Although there is no standard template for the guideline, it must include the essentials like colours and typography. In simpler terms the branding guide is the instruction manual for the logo which you have created. Advanced branding guidelines include the mood board, voice and tone of the logo, ...
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