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Effective leadership is essential

Effective leadership is essential to the success of any organization. It helps boost employee morale and improve productivity. However, it must be executed correctly to avoid disruption and negative effects on the organization’s health and safety. In this capstone project, you will conduct a root-cause analysis of ace my online classes quality or safety concern and create a plan to address the issue. You will then present this plan in-service to your colleagues.

The first step in developing a successful improvement plan is creating a knowledge base. This is a collection of resources that help your audience understand the research behind your improvement plan and how to implement it. You can create a knowledge base using any tool that offers a balance of flexibility and simplicity, but Google Sites is recommended as it provides an effective solution for combining documents, web pages, and videos into a cohesive, online tool kit.

A wiki is an excellent choice for this purpose, as it enables nurses to support one another in the workplace and beyond it. It enables nurses to share their personal experiences and expertise with colleagues, as well as to provide valuable information and guidance to other nurses. It is widely recognized that this practice improves patient outcomes and raises patient satisfaction scores (Hughes & Ortiz, 2015).

It is recommended that you use an APA-formatted reference slide for each resource with a working link. You can also use the Capella Library’s APA Research Guide for helpful writing information. Once you have gathered your information, organize it into NURS FPX 6109 Assessment 3 sections that relate to the specific aspects of your improvement plan. Then, prepare your presentation. This will include an introductory slide, a background section on the topic, and your root-cause analysis and safety improvement plan.

In the health care setting, nurses are responsible for implementing safety improvement measures to prevent patient harm. Often, these measures address sentinel or adverse events such as medication errors or patient falls. Nurses must be able to identify and analyze the causes of these events in order to create effective improvement plans. Conducting a root-cause analysis provides nurses with a systematic approach to examine the factors that contribute to failures in the system, including process and systems-check failures.

Medication administration is a common safety concern that may be caused by a variety of issues such as improper dosage or incorrect route. To help reduce these concerns, nursing leaders can implement evidence-based strategies to improve quality and patient safety. These strategies include BUS FPX 3030 Assessment 3 Price Analysis implementing rigorous training on medications and their correct dosages, double checking orders, and promoting safety with medication administration.

In this assessment, you will use the Knowledge Base activities and Assessment 2 resources to perform a root-cause analysis for an identified safety concern related to medication administration in your chosen health care setting. You will also create a safety improvement plan to promote medication administration safety. This plan must include an NURS FPX 4020 Assessment 2 agenda and PowerPoint for an in-service session addressing the identified safety improvement measure. You will cite a minimum of 3 resources (scholarly or professional) in your analysis and planning of the improvement measure.

Educating nurses on the proper administration of medication is one way to prevent errors. These mistakes can cause adverse drug events (ADE) and result in longer hospital stays, re-admissions and death. The goal of this in-service presentation is to educate staff nurses on the prevention and recognition of medication errors, and identify various causes that contribute to these errors.

The goal of this assessment is to develop an 8-14 slide PowerPoint presentation with thorough speaker’s notes designed for a hypothetical in-service session related to the safe medication administration improvement plan you developed in Assessment 2. You will incorporate a variety of learning strategies into your training session to hold and sustain audience attention, promote knowledge acquisition and skill application that changes practice and improves patient outcomes, and conduct participant evaluation. The aforementioned activities will require you to utilize all of the AONE nurse executive competencies that are relevant to developing an effective training session and presentation.


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