Beack Kendall

The Custom Candle Boxes are enjoying a vital role within the candle business. The Candle Boxes are abundantly utilized in the candle industry for shipping, packaging, storing, and presentation of items. Seemingly, the Candle Box virtually showcases the sentiments and customary sense of giveaway gifts.

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James MPatriciaary

Displaying your candles in a store is an excellent way to attract new clients. However, you must have the right tools for the job. Take for example your candle boxes. These boxes are typically made of thin, generic cardboard that can break easily. Observe better packaging available through candle box suppliers and you will see the difference.



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Bray Wyatt

A socially conscious company committed to sustainability is Light of Sakina. For our clean-burning candles, luxury candles we only utilize 100% vegan and cruelty-free ingredients, such as soy wax sourced ethically and eco-cotton wicks. To lessen trash and the impact on landfills, we also provide a refill service.

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