Daniel Mathew

Market Research:

Understand the target audience and their preferences. Analyze competitors, including Dream11, to identify strengths and weaknesses. Explore legal and regulatory aspects related to fantasy sports in your target regions.


Define the core features and functionalities of your fantasy sports app. Decide on the sports you want to include (cricket, football, basketball, etc.). Determine the gaming format (daily, weekly, or season-long contests).

Legal Compliance:

Ensure that your app complies with the legal requirements and regulations of the regions you plan to operate in. Obtain necessary licenses and permissions.

Wireframing and Design:

Create wireframes to visualize the app’s structure and user flow. Design an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Pay attention to graphics, animations, and overall aesthetics.


Choose the right technology stack (frontend and backend development). Implement user account management, including registration, login, and profile creation. Integrate payment gateways for in-app transactions.

Scoring System and Algorithms:

Define a scoring system for each sport based on player performances. Implement algorithms for calculating scores and determining winners.

Real-time Updates:

Integrate real-time updates for scores, player stats, and other relevant information. Ensure a seamless user experience during live matches.


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