Cosmetic treatments are quite common globally as they significantly improve the facial aesthetics of both males and females. Two of the popular approaches in the skincare and beauty industries are Botox and fillers. Both of these formulas are concerned with the remedial of wrinkles with the initial one associated with the reduction of abnormal facial lines while the latter fill in the wrinkles with the help of injections. 

So, which of these facial beautifying or skincare strategies are better to apply on? Cosmetically, neither Botox or fillers are superior to one another. It is up to the beautification needs of a person that compels them to undergo the required treatment. 

However, the upgrading in facial characteristics and relief from wrinkles and skin blemishing is guaranteed from both Botox and dermal fillers. Here we discuss the concerns like does Botox hurt more than fillers or how long Botox lasts on the face.

  • Does Botox hurt more than fillers?

To begin with any kind of skin treatment it is important to address the age, skin texture, health, skin type, and other factors that could deeply affect the skin. Here, the question is that does Botox hurt more than fillers? Botox as well as fillers can cause a certain level of discomfort and inconvenience during the processing; however, it is for a certain time limit. In cosmetic treatments, the extremity and pain of any surgery is determined via two factors which are

  • Extent of pain tolerance.
  • Treated areas.

So, does Botox hurt more than fillers? Not, at all as per the guidance of dermatologists as well as patients that have undergone both treatments. Usually, Botox hurts less than fillers as observed in patients with cosmetic procedures. In comparison to fillers, Botox is less painful and has minimal side effects which ensure a safe journey ahead. Slight pain, redness, swelling, etc. 

These are some of the obvious signs that patients have to experience during and after Botox treatment. On the other hand, dermal fillers like lip fillings are harder to endure than Botox as the injections are administered to skin regions that are sensitive to bear the pain such as nose, cheeks, lips, eyes, etc. 

Botox are the entry level treatment if someone tends to improvise or change the physical aspect of their facial skin. This treatment is almost the opposite of painful. However, it is the dermal fillers, likely the hydraulic acid fillers that are painful as injections, therefore, numbing agents are also utilized. So, it can be confirmed that it is a wrong statement that Botox hurts more than fillers.

  • How long does Botox last?

Botox application on facial skin is common but the results are not permanent. The effects are visible for about 3-4 months in general. In some patients, this time range varies for longer like 4-6 months, whereas, in some, it stays for a relatively smaller span as 2 months. However, Premium Dermal Mart are some practices that are recommended that help Botox last for a longer time span on the face.

These include:

  • Avoid exposure skin to UV rays.
  • Avoid strenuous exercises, only conduct moderate workout sessions.
  • Use of Collagen and antioxidant skin care products
  • Prevent excessive beauty product use, only face wash, creams, moisturizers, etc. are best for such skin conditions.
  • Do not smoke. 
  • Do not consume alcohol.
  • Maintain a healthy diet and stay hydrated. 

There is a huge craze and trend of Botox cosmetic treatments in people ageing like in the case of celebrities and social media influencers. The best part about Botox is that it promises to make you look younger and energetic that is totally reflected from facial skin that radiates and glows like never before. Shop botox products today at Premium Dermal Mart.

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