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Every developer and entrepreneur must look at these 10 tips before building Uber Clone App

1. SOS option:

Provide an SOS option for the end-users, so that they have a point of contact in the event of an emergency

2. Latest Technology:

It is advised to use the latest technology to build your Uber Clone app. Choosing the right tech stack determines the futuristic attributes of the on-demand platform.

3. Reviews & ratings:

Take an example of every top business. Review and ratings are required fields for customers to give opinions on their purchase of products or services. Make sure to add a review and rating features.

4. Adaptable and scalable:

Customers are changing! So to follow their demand, brands need to adapt. To survive this competitive market, the taxi app must be adaptable and scalable.

5. Basic payment option:

To make the payment process smoother, you must create a payment gateway for users that ensures user-friendly transactions. It could be cash, debit, and credit cards, and, most importantly, as well as in-app wallets.

6. UI and UX design:

To give the feeling of WOW when users visit your Uber Clone App, therefore, make sure that the app has an excellent UI & UX design.

7. Source code:

The source code must be simple to understand and visually appealing for things to be noted. If a new developer joins the team, they must be able to understand and relate to the code.

8. Simple to use dashboard for admin:

A simple dashboard for the admin can make the operation of your taxi business smoother. Focus on ensuring your taxi business operates smoothly for admins.

9. Updated version:

To let users know that you are updating. Give frequent updates to your customers to understand what’s new with your products or services.

10. Safety notification:

Apart from covid-19, we all encountered outbreaks and diseases. If there is a risk to your riders’ safety and health, it is important to provide safety notifications to demonstrate your concern for their health and well-being.


These are some of the development advice you should remember before building your Uber clone App.

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