Hey entrepreneurs and startups, the cryptocurrency payment gateway is one of the most profitable businesses in the crypto field. It's the right time to start a crypto payment gateway business. Before diving deep you should consider giving a quick glance at multiple crypto payment gateways. Cryptocurrency payment gateway is software just like Bitpay and Coinpayments. Users can transfer their cryptocurrencies in exchange for goods and services. The admin can generate a lot of revenue from users’ every single transaction. That's why the crypto payment gateway business is an eye-catching business, especially in recent times. Now coming to the point, the crypto payment gateway is developed using two methodologies,


  • Development
  • Clone script 


Development from scratch- Entrepreneurs can hire a development organization to create from scratch. The whole idea and features will be designed as per the entrepreneur’s idea. It takes a lot of time and the development cost would be 3x of your estimation.


Clone script- Many clone script providers have already developed clone software like bitpay and coin payment with high security and the latest features. It is ready-made software and it only requires a few subsidiary customizations (logo, contact details). The entrepreneurs can launch a crypto payment gateway in the crypto market within 7 days. Cost is also affordable (⅓) when compared to scratch.


Factors that differentiate crypto payment gateway development and crypto payment gateway scripts


  • Time 
  • Cost
  • Bugs
  • Features
  • Add-ons
  • Deployment 
  • Technical experts 



Refer to this blog for a detailed explanation - Crypto Payment Gateway Development vs Crypto Payment Gateway Script 


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Timo Werner

Hello, traditional payment methods, including cash, bank transfers, checks, plastic cards, were invented long before the advent of e-commerce. Therefore, it is not surprising that they do not fully meet her needs. Of course, when buying an ordinary "physical" product, money can be taken from the buyer upon delivery. But if a "digital" product or information is purchased, there must be a way to pay for the purchase directly "on the spot", that is, on the seller's website. That is why it is extremely urgent in e-commerce to develop a universal payment method for processing credit cards and purchases on the Internet, which would allow making cheap and secure payments in real time.

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