Celine anderson

Generally, FTX is a famous centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform that was launched in 2019. In the 3 years, it got more than 1 million users around the globe. Thus cryptopreneurs planned to start a centralized cryptocurrency exchange platform like FTX.

FTX clone script is a perfect replica software of the FTX exchange platform. The FTX clone script offers all the features the FTX platform provides. The FTX clone script comes with features that created high ROI between the traders such as

  • Derivative tradings
  • Optional trading
  • Leveraging tokens
  • 100+ trading pairs of cryptos

If you are an energetic crypto enthusiast & want to start a cryptocurrency exchange platform like FTX exchange, then you can approach a pioneer of cryptocurrency exchange development company like Bitdeal or other companies around the globe.

You can check out our blog FTX clone script for its advantages, business benefits & more.

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