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Got a new system and want to migrate your QuickBooks Desktop software to your new system? Well, performing the process manually can be extremely time-consuming. Thus, to make it easy, intuit introduced the QuickBooks Migration Tool. This tool cuts down the entire efforts that went into changing the new system. Changing a computer usually ends up in losing data from the previous device. However, using the QuickBooks migration tool can eliminate the data loss. This tool is efficient in transferring data from one device to another. To learn further about this tool, make sure to read this post till the end. You can also connect with our technical support team at +1-844-499-6700, and our experts will ensure to provide you with immediate support and guidance.

Requirements for QuickBooks Migration Tool

If you want to use QuickBooks migration tool to move your data from one system to another, then you must keep in mind the following requirements:

  • Make sure that your flash drive has enough empty space
  • Another crucial point is to ensure that your new system is connected to the internet
  • Ascertain that you have at least 150MB to 250 MB space available.

Steps to set up migration tool in QuickBooks

  • To use QuickBooks migration tool, you need to set it up first.
  • Begin with logging in QuickBooks with the help of Admin ID and password
  • After that, allow the access so that you can easily copy the data.
  • Head to the migration tool and click on the same
  • Now, you will be asked for password, where you need to enter the admin password.
  • After that, click on the start or run tab.
  • The migration tool will start processing and working.
  • After the migration tool starts working, the flash drive will start copying and transferring some files.
  • Once completing the transfer process, the tool will never format or erase the data. The data remains as it is and to remove the data, you will have to click on the delete tab.

What data can be transferred using QuickBooks Migration Tool?

Here is a list of data that can be easily transferred using the QuickBooks Migration Tool. Let us evaluate:

  • Three recent company files on which you have worked in your old system.
  • Reports like memorized and schedules with their local attachment.
  • The detailed information of QuickBooks including the version of QuickBooks that is being used.
  • The QuickBooks letters, forms, and custom templates.
  • Spelling checker
  • Finance statement designer
  • The setting of the printer
  • Advance reports
  • Statement writers
  • The business planner
  • Cash flow projector
  • Loan manager

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What data can’t be transferred using the QB migration tool?

Certain data can’t be transferred even after using the migration tool. This includes:

  • Configuration of multi-user mode
  • The company files earlier than the last three files.
  • Synchronizing of payment and payroll
  • Intuit data protect
  • Backup files

Where can I find Migration Tool?

In order to find the migration tool, you can perform the below steps:

  • Begin with, signing in to QuickBooks online using a QuickBooks supported web browser.
  • Furthermore, in the Url segment enter
  • The next step is to move to the export overview screen and click on the tab to start.
  • Now, download the tool by clicking on the download tool tab in QuickBooks.
  • After the installer is downloaded, launch it.
  • The user will now have to wait and follow the steps till the installation process is complete.


Process to perform on the old system

  • Begin with connecting the USB flash drive in the old co mputer.
  • You now have to launch QuickBooks.
  • Then, head to the file menu and click on it.
  • Opt for the utilities tab from the drop-down menu.
  • From the utilities tab window, choose Move QuickBooks to another computer option
  • After that, select I am ready and now create a unique password.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and select USB flash drive.
  • The last step is to wait till all the files are copied.

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Process to perform on the new system

After you are done with copying of the files, you now have to launch the new system:

  • You need to first plug in the flash drive in the new system.
  • Ensure that the tool will not launch on its own.
  • Now, open the flash drive in the system.
  • Double-click the Move_QuickBooks.bat file.
  • Enter the password that you have created in the old system.
  • After you are done with all the steps, wait till the time Migration Tool finishes its job.



Towards the end of this segment, we believe that the above-discussed steps might be of great assistance in making the best use of the QuickBooks migration tool. However, if you still have any queries or if you are unable to transfer the data, then simply consult our tech team at +1-844-499-6700, and let them perform the steps for you. Our certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors will help you with the process to migrate data to the new system successfully.

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