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FTX is a very popular order-book-based cryptocurrency exchange. FTX clone script helps entrepreneurs to create a cost-effective exchange similar to FTX.


FTX clone script supports both Android and iOS platforms. It has amazing add-on modules to customize your cryptocurrency exchange. FTX clone script Is tested by testing engineers. And it is bug-free.


Creating a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch is difficult. It needs a lot of investment and a lot of development tools to create a cryptocurrency exchange. But by using an FTX clone script, you can make a cryptocurrency exchange like FTX in a few days.


Why use an FTX clone script?

The cost of developing a cryptocurrency exchange from scratch may take up to $250k. But when you use an FTX clone script, it costs you less. It helps you reduce development costs and time. Since it is a pre-built software, the FTX clone script price ranges from $8000 to $14,000 only. 

Features of FTX clone software:


  • KYC/AML validation

  • Spot trading

  • Margin trading

  • Crypto derivatives

  • IEO launchpad

  • Crypto wallet integration

  • Live chart

  • Staking and more


Benefits of FTX clone software:


  • Cost-effective solution 

  • Customizable

  • Multiple revenue-generating modules

  • Highly scalable

  • Tested and bug-free

  • Instant deployment


After knowing these features and benefits of the FTX clone software, I can say that using a clone script is the best approach for creating a crypto exchange similar to FTX.


If you are an entrepreneur looking to develop a crypto exchange. Then choosing a clone script like FTX clone script helps you save a lot of time and money. It is highly scalable and it is well-researched and developed.


But one of the most important factors that come into account is choosing a trustworthy clone software provider. One of the best clone script providers I have researched and found is - Coinsclone. They provide professional blockchain-based software. They have expertise in crafting crypto exchange software and providing prompt delivery.


So why wait? start a cryptocurrency exchange and create a brand in the cryptocurrency space now 


Check here for a free demo >>> FTX clone script


If you have queries, contact the experts below :


Whatsapp - 9500575285

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