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The cost depends on which cryptocurrency exchange development company you choose, and the features included in the script. Some leading companies provide the script at a high cost, so you can choose according to your budget. But many solutions providers are offering Binance clone scripts at an affordable price. Their script includes many features and you can add your needed features, as this is completely customizable.

Let's see some features of the binance clone script

Spot and Margin Trading :

The Binance business's central role is, the platform is to trade assets that are spot or margin. And these help users buy 200+ cryptocurrencies. 

Market Orders Or Limit/ Spot Orders :

You can add all types of orders like market orders or limit orders. This helps users buy the asset faster and fix the minimum & maximum values.

OCO Order :

OCO, one-cancels-the-other, these include one-stop limit order. These works one fulfilled either fully or partially, canceled with other.

Derivatives trading :

These features enable investors to buy and sell an asset for determining futures. These benefits of derivative trading are better than buying the underlying asset.

Order Book :

Order book helps to view open sell and buy assets this is organized by price. The other name of the order book is the matching engine, the reason is this helps to match buy orders with sell orders.

I hope this point helps you with the idea of launching a crypto exchange platform if you are choosing the Binance clone script. Contact any cryptocurrency exchange development company, Like Bitdeal, who provides a Binance clone script to launch your own crypto exchange.

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