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I saw it here. The picture quality is good because it is high definition.
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Released: 2024-02-22
Running time: 133 minutes
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller
Stars: Choi Min-sik, Kim Go-eun, Yoo Hai-jin, Lee Do-hyun, Kim Jae-chul
Director: Lee Mo-gae, Kim Byung-seo, Go Rak-sun, Kim Young-min, Kim Tae-seong

In Los Angeles, USA, shamans Hwa-rim and Bong-gil, who received a large sum of money, meet the eldest grandson of a family with a strange illness passed down from generation to generation. Hwa-rim, who realizes that the ancestor's grave site is in trouble, recommends relocating, and Sang-deok, the best feng shui master who smelled money, and Yeong-geun, the undertaker, join. A strange tomb located in a bad place where people can never be buried. Sang-deok senses an ominous energy and refuses the offer, but with Hwa-rim's persuasion, the extermination of the grave begins... Something came out that shouldn't have come out.

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