payal mishra

When you are moving complete household goods from one place to another in Bangalore or outside city then you face many hurdles or problem and your shifting is stressful. Based on people who have relocated  have listed problem they face during home relocation. These are:

  • Shortage of time: There are many tasks to be done on moving day  and lack of time arise and lead to other moving  issue as well.
  • Choosing low movers: hiring unprofessional movers lead to stress as they talk rudely and do not handle goods properly
  • Getting scammed:  when you choose movers then they try to scam with you by charging high after taking their service, demand a half payment or giving quotes without visit.
  • Injury: You may injured on  moving day as you are inexperienced in handling goods.
  • Damaged items : It would be disappointing if your fragile or precious items are damaged when they reach to your home.
  • Not Declutter goods: Problem arise if you do packing of goods which won’t require which could increase packaging cost.
  • Furniture size: when moving household goods to new home if furniture won’t fit through the door then it be worry sign as heavy furniture are expensive

These are some problem you face when moving your goods with packers and movers in Bangalore. You should choose trusted and experienced movers for your goods safety and belongings

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