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on April 16, 2024
One Day Mumbai To Shirdi By Tempo Traveller
For millions of followers worldwide, the Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, which is located in the small Indian town of Shirdi in the state of Maharashtra, is of great significance.
The temple, dedicated to Sai Baba, a renowned saint from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, offers sanctuary for those seeking blessings, relief, and guidance.
The monsoons in the region create a charming atmosphere with lush greenery, cool days, and refreshing nights.
Shirdi's ideal visit time varies based on personal preferences, weather, and crowd levels, but many devotees suggest October to March as the best time to visit.
The Sai Baba Temple opens at 4 am and has various activities during the morning hours, including Bhajans and aarti. The temple closes at 10:30 pm after the final aarti for the day.
The estimated waiting time for aarti varies daily and year-round, ranging from an hour to up to 6 hours. You can book a tempo traveller in Mumbai if you want to visit Shirdi temple by directly calling on this given number 9958794041 also visit our official website travel to India for more information.
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