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jame eli

Lives in Antioch, CA, USA, United States.
by on May 10, 2024
Medical and healthcare industry is one of the most profitable and in demand industries these days. Countries like India, Denmark and Finland are a few countries where the standard of healthcare is just beyond awesome. Here there are facilities like on-call doctors and remote patient health monitoring which allows patients to access to their healthcare providers from the comfort of their homes. With new NEMT software (Non-Emergency Medical Transportation), it has become easy for patients to get t...
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by on May 10, 2024
Mobile apps are developed to serve a wider audience and deliver an inclusive impact on users. Creating your dedicated mobile app is essential for digital success. However, their reach and accessibility raise concerns when you plan to target a diverse audience. As mobile apps are aimed at targeting different regions, you cannot simply entertain them with the app's default language. Your mobile app needs to adjust to their language preferences to capture them and keep them engaged. App localizatio...
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