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How To Determine The Cost of Blockchain Implementation?  

Determining the cost of implementing blockchain technology requires carefully evaluating several key factors. First, consider the purpose and scope of your blockchain project to estimate development complexity. More complex platforms and extensive functionality will increase costs. Second, the choice of blockchain type - public, private, or hybrid - also impacts expenses. Private blockchains require setting up and governing the network infrastructure. Third, factor in licensing fees if leveraging blockchain-as-a-service versus building custom solutions. Finally, the geography and experience level of developers significantly influence cost. On average, blockchain application development may range from $25,000 for simple apps to over $100,000 for complex platforms across North America or Europe. Conducting thorough research and planning will provide transparency into the overall budget.

Factors Influencing the Cost of Blockchain App Development

It is essential to carefully assess the specific requirements, features, and goals of the blockchain app to estimate a realistic and accurate cost based on the outlined factors. The cost of a blockchain app varies depending on several key factors,

  • Process

  • Development Resources

  • The complexity of a Blockchain App




Cost of Blockchain Implementation: Process  

The cost of implementing a blockchain is distributed across different stages. In-house expenses cover consulting, designing, development, and quality assurance. Additional costs include private blockchain deployment, public blockchain transaction fees with 3rd-party expenses, and ongoing maintenance. Deploying contracts on blockchain platforms,Web3 Development also incurs fees for developers. The cost of blockchain implementation is allocated across multiple phases of the development. They are,

Design: Encompasses the creation of a comprehensive system blueprint, intricate UI/UX design featuring wireframes, high-fidelity prototypes, and low-fidelity designs that outline the application flow.

Development: Involves a holistic approach to coding and rigorous testing activities, ensuring the robustness and functionality of the blockchain application. Hire Blockchain Developer from us.

Deployment: Encompasses the strategic deployment of the blockchain solution on cloud platforms, seamless delivery processes, and the integration of DevOps practices for efficient operation.

Migration: Encompasses the meticulous transition of the existing solution to the blockchain platform, ensuring a smooth and secure transfer of data and functionalities.

Maintenance: Constitutes a continuous process of updating and rigorous testing to guarantee the seamless operation of the blockchain application with each new operating system release.

Upgrade: Involves the dynamic creation of innovative features and thoughtful modifications to smart contracts to ensure the adaptability and evolution of the blockchain application.

Third-Party Tools: Encompasses the utilization of external tools for hosting, storage, notification systems, and collaboration, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the blockchain implementation.

Cost Breakdown in Blockchain Implementation: Development Resources

Determining the resources needed for app creation is crucial. The cost involves hiring a development team, where salaries are a major factor. An additional factor includes vacations, benefits, payroll taxes, incentives, and holidays. Various methods exist for building a blockchain app, each with distinct costs, benefits, and limitations. Options include:

  • Developing in-house with a dedicated team.

  • Hiring a freelancer for blockchain app development.

  • Engaging an agency for professional blockchain app creation.

Cost of Blockchain Implementation: Complexity of a Blockchain App

The cost of implementing a blockchain is influenced by the intricacy of your project. This complexity is determined by factors such as user challenges, the app's purpose, transformative impact, the necessity for blockchain solutions, and existing alternatives. Blockchain apps are categorized based on intricacy and its types are,

Low Complexity Blockchain Apps:

  • Payment applications using existing cryptocurrencies

  • Smart Contract Development App(Normal/Basic)

Medium Complexity Blockchain Apps:

  • Semi-decentralized apps

  • Integration of complex smart contracts and consensus mechanisms

  • dApps on platforms like EOS, Ethereum, Hyperledger,  etc.

High Complexity Blockchain Apps:

  • Establishing a fully decentralized network

  • Devising a blockchain platform from scratch

  • Custom consensus algorithm design

  • Complex decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) implementations

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