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Another is that the magical damage will increase due to OSRS gold your armor. (A solution to the last part is wearing Hybrid gear, such as the Warpriest of Armadyl equipment, which is available by dropping Aviansies as well as other creatures from the GWD) And, of course, you should absolutely get the Royal C'bow. Ammo is very cheap, is just over 1M to make, and outperforms CCB.

And one final thing- Make use of abilities as often as you can. Should I be casting Fire Surge on an glacor, and employ a magic skill I do not make use of up any arrows. The same applies to arrows that are within the range. For slayer tasks, you'd want to avoid ultimates, and focus on basics and thresholds, until you can use Guthix' Blessing to heal, or Berserk/Metamorphosis for some crazy damage.

It's true that I've already explained almost everything you need to learn about EOC for you. Perhaps I'll create a guide on this. And if you need any additional assistance, contact me directly here, or play the games like "Renegaderp".

If you're not able get a royal crossbow, take an eye on The Armadyl Crossbow. Always go with dual weaponry to slay tasks. Make sure you use the highest level weapon you have. If you got a lv 80 ranged wep , and an lvl 80 melee weapon as your top tier weapons choose the weapon that your monster is the weakest (according to combat triangle).

You'll never need anything more than bandos/ barrows to complete slayer missions. If you're in need of Lvl 80 weapons I'd recommend to buy chaotic weapons and save your cash on other items. I believe that people should be able to only purchase the lv 90 stuff if they've got cash to buy RuneScape gold burn. Your choice is yours.

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