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Also known as NBA 2K MT Ronnie 2K, Singh has seen NBA2K grow to levels that never felt possible when the franchise first put Michael Jordan on their cover in the year 2011. The exclusive interview with Singh discussed the day of launch and player ratings, as well as media involvement, the game's community as well as players, as well as the NBA2K Team that has made everything possible.Note the interview has been lightly edited and condensed for clarity.

"This game is very important to our culture, and there are so many people in that community. Therefore, it's all about making sure our players are really satisfied. Which also of course involves the NBA players that participate in our sport, the celebrities, the athletics," Singh said. "So today I'm delivering a number of codes to individuals. I dropped off the game to Travis, PG, and some of the people I'm very good friends with.

The cult-like momentum that this game has, launch day only gets bigger, and to be honest , quite overwhelming and incredibly thrilling as well. "As the face of NBA2K, Singh has an incredibly impactful role in growing the popularity of the game. From encouraging the participation of stars and athletes to personal interaction with the community at large, Singh NBA 2K MT Coins understands the massive responsibility he takes on.


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